Willow | Female | Bull Arab X | 6 Months Approx

Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Energy: Low/Medium
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Do you need a hug? Willow is the girl for you. She is such a gentle and sweet little miss that just loves to be with people. Willow isn’t your usual bouncy, puppy. Her biggest bursts of energy are just after she eats! She is playfull when appropriate but mostly she just wants to snuggle with you as much as she can, but understands if you can’t and is content to sit nearby and play with her toys or get in a nap and wait for you to be ready for the next cuddle session. Willow is sweet and gentle to everyone she meets, with soft little kisses and a gentle approach. She has good recall and is learning manners very fast. She will sit for her food and generally wait for your direction in every situation. Willow really wants to please you (to get more cuddles,of course) and should be very easy to train. Willow would fit in with anyone willing to cuddle and rub her belly!

Willow is $300 to adopt, desexed, microchip, C5 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.

If you would like to meet Willow, please contact email adopt@nqar.org.au

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HI THERE, I'M Willow!

  • Gender:Female
  • Location:Cairns, QLD
  • Desexed:Yes
  • Vaccinated:Yes
  • Wormed:Yes
  • Age:6 Months Approx
  • Mix Breed:Yes