Turbo | Male | Bull arab/Great Dane X | 1 Year Approx

Dog friendly: Yes, but best suited as a solo dog at home
Cat friendly: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Energy: Medium
Fencing requirements: 6ft minimum
Size: 40kgs
More Photos: https://www.savour-life.com.au/adopt-a-dog/rescue-groups/2331/North-Qld-Animal-Rescue-Inc

Turbo is a big boy with a heart and personality to match his size.
He loves a snuggle and will always try and nestle in as close to you for these cuddles, quite often you end up with 40kgs of fur on your lap so he can get all the love and pats, but he is also happy to sit nearby and and have his head in your lap or a paw on you.

Turbo likes to play tug o war and fetch and loves to run around with short bursts of Turbo time. He is excited to meet every person and creature big and small and will want to say hello to everyone you pass on a walk. He is sweet and gentle to every person and animal he meets.

Turbo listens to direction well and follows basic commands like sit, stay & down/drop.

He is a very happy boy who loves his food and is very interested in watching humans complete tasks.

He is still very much a pup so needs attention and play time to keep him stimulated.

Turbo would be ok as an only dog but would love to have another furry friend to play with and keep him company.

Turbo is $300 to adopt, desexed, microchip, C5 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.

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    HI THERE, I'M Turbo!

    • Gender:Male
    • Location:Cairns, QLD
    • Desexed:Yes
    • Vaccinated:Yes
    • Wormed:Yes
    • Age:1 year approx
    • Mix Breed:Yes