Sid | Male | Bandog | 1 Year 2 Months

Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Child friendly: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Energy: Low – Medium
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Sid is a big beautiful bundle of fur!
He looks big and tough but is really just a big gentle guy. He likes to cuddle up and have lots of pats, and belly rubs.
Sid loves play time and often forgets just how big he is, so is probably suited to older kids who can handle it when he gets excited.Chasing the hose is up there for his favourite game to play, followed closely with squeaky toys & tug-o-war.
Sid is very excited to go on a walk and quite strong on the lead that he tends to take you for the walk rather then you walking him, so will need a strong handler who is willing to put in some training.
He is very obedient and follows direction well. He isn’t too fussed about food, he would much prefer your company.
Sid is very sweet, fun and totally loveable and will easily fit in with any family looking for a mate for life.

Sid is $300 to adopt, desexed, microchipped, C5 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.

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    HI THERE, I'M Sid!

    • Gender:Male
    • Location:Cairns, QLD
    • Desexed:Yes
    • Vaccinated:Yes
    • Wormed:Yes
    • Age:1 Year, 2 Months
    • Mix Breed:Yes