Noddy | Female | Border Collie X | 14 Years

Dog Friendly: yes (but prefer ones gentle like me)
Cat Friendly: yes
Child Friendly: yes but because of her age we recommend a mature family
House Trained: yes
Energy Level: very low
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Hi, my name is Noddy. I wasn’t very well when I first came into care so NQAR & my Doctor put me through the hoops. I’m really well now & I’ve got great big ticks on my test results. My foster Mum says she knows I am well and happy ‘cos my beautiful Collie curls are growing back and my coat is now soft and shiny.

My foster Mum says I’m an adorable, gentle wee soul. She keeps telling me that I melt her heart and that she wants a cold snap to come so that we can have a cuddle. Actually, just letting you know, I’m not into kissing or cuddling so if I give you a lick, you know it has come from the bottom of my heart. Although I don’t show love from the outside, I will always love you with my eyes and I will always be by your side – even when you mow the lawns. Geeze that sure is a LONG way to walk.

My needs are pretty basic. I prefer the floor – no furniture, no beds (dog or hooman) are required. I’m not food driven or in the slightest protective of my dinner bowl & I quite like my giant foster brother standing with me while I eat.

I’m perfectly happy being the only dog in the family, but I’ve had 2 different foster brothers and I have really enjoyed their company. I had to give the first one a bollicking – you should have seen the look of surprise on my foster Mum’s face! She couldn’t stop laughing. It seems like my current brother is 3 times taller than me. We really love each other and I protect him if he gets worried about something happening in the neighbourhood. If I have to have a brother, I would like an old one like him.

It never occurred to me that I would become an orphan so my bucket list is to find my new fur-ever home. I am only 14 years old so I’ve got a few more years to look forward to. Other than old bones, I’m fit and healthy but I’m passed wanting to go on cross country hikes so gentle short walks are all I need, What I am really looking for is a home where I can hang out with you. I’m a dab hand at “fetch” but pretty fussy about what I am prepared to fetch. I’m partial to a very gentle brush but because I am short haired, I don’t need or want much grooming. Just a loving caress will do. I adore my car rides, so please don’t leave home without me.

Noddy is $150 to adopt, desexed, microchip, C5 vaccinated and given flea, tick and worm preventatives.

If you would like to meet Noddy, please contact email

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HI THERE, I'M Noddy!

  • Gender:Female
  • Location:Cairns, QLD
  • Desexed:Yes
  • Vaccinated:Yes
  • Wormed:Yes
  • Age:14 years
  • Mix Breed:Yes